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Product Companies:

Does any of these sound familiar?

Do you wonder how to make your new product stand out in a crowded market where competing products are vying for the same customers’ attention and money?

Is your company suffering from declining sales and market shares because of a stagnant product line that is being overtaken by another company’s more current and up-to-date looking products?

Does your company want an industrial design for a new product that will woo the customers, grow market share and increasing brand loyalty with the next generation products, but aren’t sure how to begin the process?

Pendent-1_r1-croppedPeak LED Pendant

Companies We Work With

Shiozaki Design works primarily with small start-ups, medium size companies, as well as large corporations.  Most of these companies are located in the greater Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay area.  Their products cover a wide spectrum of market categories from consumer electronics to professional grade equipment.

These companies design and sell products for a specific market domestically and internationally in categories such as consumer electronics, computer, test equipment, networking, wireless communication, sports gear, and architectural lighting.  Many of these companies are ranked as a top-tier company in their market.

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zSpace 300 System Power Button

Going Beyond Good Looks

Regardless of what market your company is in, there is increasing competition from domestic and international companies’ products.  While you are not constantly developing new products and/or improving existing ones, you can be sure your competitions is.

The bottom line is to make a profit and build brand loyalty so customers keep coming back and recognize your company as a leader in the market.  This can only happen if you are providing a product that satisfies the customers’ needs and provides value.

How does this happen?  Innovative design, that starts with an imaginative industrial design with a focus on problem solving and functionality that builds a strong bond with the customer.

Provide the customer with a product they would recommend to a friend or colleague because they are happy about the way it works, looks, and feels.  A new product should make them more productive at work, improve the way they live, or help make their leisure and play time more enjoyable.  The end results should improve their lives whether it is at work, at play, or at home.

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Nixie Wearable Drone

Our Passion is Making Things Better

Shiozaki Design is dedicated to helping your company create useable, aesthetically pleasing products that successfully meet the goals, desires, and needs of your company and customers.  We have provided industrial design and product design services for forward thinking startup companies such as Sorra and Robotex and established companies like Sanyo, HP, and Cisco.  We have a proven record of success that spans over 10 years of experiences as a consulting business.

Steven Shiozaki, the president, has over 20 years of expertise as an industrial designer and product designer, as well as experience with product development and project management gained as a consultant, and employee in the corporate work place.  He brings the best of both working experiences to your project.


Sorra LED PAR 30 Lamp

The Next Step

Please browse the website to learn more about how to make you next product stand out from a crowded market place with imaginative industrial design.  To learn more about the product companies we have worked with and the challenges and issues they faced, click here to go to Who We Service page.

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