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About Shiozaki Design

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area and in business for over ten years, Shiozaki Design is a boutique industrial design consulting office that specializes in helping companies design products that stand out in a crowded market place and much more.  Shiozaki Design is dedicated to creating useable, aesthetically pleasing products that successfully meet the goals, desires and needs of your company and the people who use your product.  Shiozaki Design works closely with the client with a tailored industrial design plan to provide a positive experience for the people using their product, going beyond just good looks.

Shiozaki Design brings a wide breadth of design experiences to help your company reach its industrial design goals.  A sampling of industrials and markets Shiozaki Design has successfully designed products for are: consumer electronics, wireless network, cellular phones, recreational equipment, sports equipment, industrial equipment, computer products, hand-held devices, robots and architectural lighting.

Steven Shiozaki: Problem Solver and Industrial Designer

Steven’s professional passion is making things better.  He finds incredible satisfaction in finding answers and solutions to complex problems.  Steven chose to become an industrial designer because of the positive impact he can make in designing a product for the people who use it.  He finds it extremely enjoyable to create innovative solutions for the challenges facing a client’s new product.

Part of Steven’s job satisfaction is also in working together with other highly motivated and creative people to produce a desirable product on time.  It takes a tremendous amount of energy, time and resources to create an innovative new product and bring it to market.  There is synergy when a team gels and works well together.  Steven finds a tremendous amount of satisfaction in seeing and hearing people’s stories about how the new product has given them a positive experience.


With over 20 years of creative energy, Steven Shiozaki, president of Shiozaki Design, has assisted a wide range of companies, from start-ups like RoboteX and SkyPilot, to seasoned veterans like Cisco, HP and Sanyo in their pursue of design excellence.

Working in the corporate world, Steven has gained valuable cutting-edge design experience as the Industrial Design Program Manager for Palm Inc, Manager of Industrial Design for EO, Inc., Manager of Custom Luminaries for Shaper Lighting and Senior Industrial Designer/ Product Designer  / Project Leader for Tekna to complement his hands-on industrial design and product design experience as a consultant.

He has also worked at several consulting offices in the San Francisco Bay and Silicon Valley areas gaining valuable experiences in product development from a consultant’s point of view.

Throughout Steven’s professional career he has obtained several patents and contributed to several award-winning product designs.  These prestigious design awards cover both domestic and international awards such as Good Design, Red Dot and the IDEA Design Award.


Steven has earned two BS degrees from San Jose State University: one in Industrial Design and the second in Industrial Technology with a Business Minor.  These degrees have given Steven a unique background of creativity, problem solving, materials, product development, manufacturing and business education to complement his real-world product development experiences.

Steven continues his thirst for knowledge by attending seminars, classes, reading and exchanging ideas with other professionals.  He understands that new information and different perspectives broaden his knowledge and assist him in overcoming the challenges facing your project.  You just never know what will spark an idea that leads to an innovative solution for a challenging problem.


First and foremost, Steven believes industrial design is a problem-solving profession.  Colors, materials, shape and form are all solutions that work in harmony to resolve a set of problems.  There are many challenges confronting a new product during its development stages.  The key is matching the right solution to the right problem.

Steven is personable and dedicated.  Your project is of the utmost importance to him.  He has a keen sense of observation and desire to go beyond what may seem like the obvious solution.  Steven’s ability to see the big picture with an attention to details and apply his knowledge, skills and experiences to solving your industrial design problems makes him unique.

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Rackable Systems 3.5″ HD

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Let Steven use his industrial design knowledge to assist you in successfully meeting the industrial design goals and needs of your company and the people who will be using your product.

To discuss your project and the challenges facing it with Steven, proceed on to the Contact Us page so he can assist you as soon as possible.


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