Nixie – Intel Make It Wearable Grand Prize Winner

Wearable and Flyable Camera

Created the futuristic industrial design of Nixie optimizing features such as the buttons, camera, red LED indicator light and white LED for flash and illumination. The body front profile was shaped to project a friendly appearance.  The contour shaped of the body is a visual queue where to grab Nixie.  The yellow colored features let’s the user know the camera is facing him.






The 300 System is an innovated system of software, integrated computer, touch screen display and hardware which gives the user a immersive 3D interactive experience.

300 System

zSpace300System copy

300_FrontView copy

300_Angled cropped

300 Polarized Tracking Eye Wear

300_TrackedGlasses copy

300 Stylus with 3-Buttons and Integrated Infrared LED




Peak Lighting Fixture Concept

Peak maximizes the principal of fraction of light in its sleek shape and use of materials to create a fascinating lighting experience. The smooth design provides an assortment of lighting fixture solutions for different lighting challenges confronting an interior décor. Peak uses GU10 LED lamps for energy efficiency. The diffusers are made of polished translucent glass or blown crystal. These diffusers could be made from opaque glass or polished chromium plated metal for added product offerings. The fixture elements are chrome plated steel for durability as well as for the aesthetics enhancements.

Peak provides an extensive range of lighting solutions and modularity. The aerodynamic design of Peak can be used as a group or as a single lighting fixture. As a pendent, Peak lamp head can be directed down or angled to illuminate a desired interior feature. Peak can be grouped together as a wall or ceiling light fixture. Peak can even be used as a floor or desk light lamp for an up close and personal lighting experience. Peak aerodynamic form can be used in a variety of lighting fixture locations and positions providing a family lighting continuity look within an interior décor.



Wall Fixture


Floor or Desk Fixture

Floor-2_Assm_r1.81- cropped


Avatar II Controller

Several innovations were incorporated to improve the usability and comfort from the previous controller design. Two back side curves hide two battery packs for the fingers to grip the Controller.  This also helps to balance the weight so the Controller can be operated with one hand.  The side curves extend the length of the controller providing a smooth gripping surface while accessing the controls and interfacing with the touch screen.



Avatar II Robot

This is the second generation Avatar II Robot.  There were many challenges the ID had to overcome. The top surface is configurable with hard mounting points to hold different hardware such as PTZ camera or robotic arm.  Blank covers, shown in front, can have loop pads adhered to the rectangular hook pockets so signage or tools can be carried by the Avatar II Robot. The RoboteX logo is recessed in the cover to promote its branding.




Considerable ID effort was made to the front of the Avatar II Robot to portray a professional and non-threatening appearance.


 WOMO (What Original Men Want)

Leisure Gift Collection

Project scope was to create a collections of gifts for men containing five products for the leisure time belonging to the categories listed below.

Travel: handy objects while traveling for leisure – Saddle Bags and Day Backpack






Sunday trips: tools or accessories for the favorite vehicle of men; motorcycle, car, boat or a bike – Work Apron


Fun: objects related to games for leisure and fun – Wooden Puzzles


Outdoors: objects for outdoor activities like camping, trekking, walking, etc. – Fruit Knife



Focus II

To make the product more compact Shiozaki Design proposal the modules be stacked 2 wide by 3 high.  This also improved internal cooling as the distance the fans had to exhaust air was cut down by one-third.






TelePresence System 1300

The CTS 1300-47 was design to be used in a variety of places. The main one is a small conference for five participants.  data_sheet_c78-526669-1

The CTS 1300 was also envision to be seen from a variety of angles and not placed against a wall. Its stand-a-lone design provides more flexibility where it can be used.




Cruise Automation Inc.

Self Driving Vehicle System

These are ground zero winning industrial design concepts created to win the rights to become the sole industrial designer for Cruise self-driving vehicle system project shown by permission from Cruise.  Shiozaki Design won the challenge and continued on creating other concepts which are still confidential and can not be shown at this time.













2014-11-16 Shiozaki-Nixie design-002flat copy

Nixie Wearable Drone

“Steven of Shiozaki Design demonstrated great commitment and agility when working with us on Nixie. During our very accelerated development push, Steven iterated fast on the industrial design and was always very open to feedback and incorporated the tweaks very fast. “

Christoph Kohstall, PhD.
President, Founder


Avatar II Controller and Robot

“When RoboteX developed its second generation Avatar personal safety robot, it became clear that the team needed a professional design partner.  Thankfully an engineering contractor introduced us to Shiozaki Design, and history was made.  Steven designed the robot, controller and accessories and worked closely with us throughout the entire process from initial sketches to mass-production.  Steven’s design brilliance stood out when he suggested that we alter our legacy controller design from a landscape to a portrait orientation.  This was very innovative at the time as we were introducing a touch screen, so in the portrait orientation the user could easily manipulate the analog controls as well as the touch screen, all by sliding his/her hands vertically along the sides of the controller.  This caused the engineering team some grief but Steven helped them by suggesting that we split the battery pack into two parts and use them as the core of the handgrips, adding stability and functionality to the design.  In the end it worked out, flawlessly.“

Adams Gettings
President, Founder
RoboteX, Inc.

 Dactron LaserUSB

“We are very pleased with Shiozaki Design’s service. We would like to continuing to use your firm when the times comes.”

James Zhuge, Ph.D.
President, Dactron Division
LDS Test and Measurement



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