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How We Work

What is like to work with Shiozaki Design?

On this page we will tell you what you can expect. What some of our beliefs are.  How we will approach a client’s project.  Lastly, how we are different from most other industrial design consulting offices.


Illustrator Concept Sketch of Custom Pendant

What You Can Expect

When you work with us, we listen to your concerns.  Your project is of the utmost importance to us.  We realize the huge investment of time, resources, and funding it takes to develop, design, manufacture and ship a new product.  We do not take this responsibility lightly.

Shiozaki Design immerses ourselves in your project to understand the challenges facing your new product.  We engage with your team members to learn more about the customer, the environment the product will be used in and who the competition is.  The industrial design for your new product is tailored specifically and exclusively for your company.

We do not design in a vacuum.  The goal is to work together to create a successful product for your company as well as your customers.  Working together, we use all our knowledge to design a better product and help guide the team on what features are truly desirable and beneficial to the customer.  We bring insights and our extensive product development knowledge to provide industrial design solutions that are tangible and real.

The industrial design solution created for your new product goes beyond just style.  It is a well thought-out design that creatively balances several key elements like color, finish, form, materials, manufacturing, and features.  All are aesthetically blended together to create an optimum industrial design to advance the company branding message through its product to enlist a positive response from the customer.4D-8623-ASM-no-border2

Illustrator Drawing of Final Custom Pendant Industrial Design

Guiding Beliefs

What our work is based on.

Our passion is to making things better.  We firmly believe we can help make your product better.  We constantly think of how we can make things better to provide the customer with a satisfying experience when using your product.  A great part of our job satisfaction is presenting you with a solution that goes beyond what you expected.

Industrial design at its very essence and core is about problem solving.  The key is to understand what the problem is.  Not just the surface problems but the deep down core problems.  This is achieve by digging deeper through asking more insightful questions.  Shapes, form, materials, finishes and colors are only part of the answer equation that is interwoven together to create an innovative product industrial design.

Products should improve your life – whether at work, home or play.  Great products should add value to your life.  They help you become more productive at work.  They are transparent and work quietly and efficiently behind-the-scenes.  A great product is a source of joy and satisfaction.

Insatiable curiosity about how things work.  We enjoy learning how things work, new strategies, and learning from other people’s experiences.  We keep an open eye and mind to new ideas and experiences.  You just never know when one will provide a eureka movement in a project.

We do not work on a competing product at the same time as yours.  If we have an established client who has a competing product we have designed, we will let you know upfront.  If we are currently working on a product in the same market, we will let you know up front, without divulging any trade secrets.  Our general policy is not discuss any projects we are working on to honor the confidentiality of our clients.


Pendant during Fabrication

Our Approach

Each project is different and each client has their own unique needs, constraints and requirements, which is why our approach is flexible.  Even though most projects follow our industrial design development phases, each phase is modified and tailored to meet your project’s requirements and budget.  Product development is a complex, tightrope task that involves balancing many elements.  Working with us you will find we share our knowledge willingly.  We want your project to succeed not only for your company but for your customers and end-users as well.

In each project there are problems and then there are Real Problems.  The challenge is to peel back the layers of perceived problems and get down to the core or Real Problems.  These core problems then can be targeted with optimum industrial design solutions that hit the target in the bull’s-eye.  We provide solutions that have impact.

You and your team are part of the process.  We do not just come in with a design and say, “Here it is.”  We climb the mountain together.  We work closely with your team to create the optimal industrial design solution for your product.

Our approach is to deliver the best solution that exceeds your company’s, customers’ and end-users’ expectations.  We believe that we are the customers’ and end-users’ advocate, as well as yours, during the project – creating balance between all the project’s constraints.

We keep our word.  If we tell you we are going to do something then we do it.  We keep an open line of communication with you.

We are pleasant to work with.  The product development process is rarely a smooth ride, even with the best intentions.  From our experience working in starts-ups, in corporations, and in consulting offices, we have learned to keep our perspective, focus and sense of humor.


(4) Custom Pendants in Modified Shipping Container

Our Uniqueness

Why should you hire us?

What makes us different from other industrial designers?  The product design lessons and wisdom obtained over 20 years of industrial design, product design, and project management experience in fast-paced start-up companies, the corporate world and in the consulting field.  Each experience adds insights that help to prevent your project from falling into one of the many design pitfalls that would compromise the success of your project during the industrial design phase.  We see the big picture, but the details as well.

Our uniqueness is the sum of our experience, knowledge, and skills we apply to help you create a one-of-a-kind industrial design solution for your product.  We use our persistence and determination in finding the right solution for the challenges that face your new product.  The bottom line is that our uniqueness is our ability to use everything we know to help you create the best product possible separates us from the crowd.


MacDonald’s Custom Pendants

Call to Action

Now that you have a better idea about what to expect from us, our values, a glimpse of our approach, and what makes us unique, visit the Services and Programs page to learn more about the services we offer.


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