Shiozaki Design Creates Award Winning Product

Intel awards $500,000 to Nixie


Shiozaki Design was part of the Grand Prize Team Nixie, which won the Intel Make It Wearable challenge.  Chosen from ten finalists, Nixie won the $500,000 grand prize.  Nixie is the first flyable and wearable camera, using Intel new low powered Edition chip and is generating excitement among outdoor adventure enthusiasts, multimedia producers, athletes and many others.

Shiozaki Design created the industrial design of the futuristic device and the presentation display used in front of ten judges. The judges included the CEOs of Intel and Best Buy, professional tennis player and fashion designer Venus Williams, and top from consumer electronics, retail and fashion executives.


Nixie is worn on the user’s wrist and quickly unfolds and forms into a quad-copter.  Takes flight on cue, captures pictures or video from unique vantage points then comes back to the user after a specified time.



About Shiozaki Design

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area with business experience over a decade, Shiozaki Design is a boutique industrial design consulting office that specializes in helping companies design products that stand out in a crowded marketplace.  Shiozaki Design is dedicated to creating useable, aesthetically pleasing products that meet the goals, desires and needs of your company and the people who use your product.

Steven Shiozaki, President of Shiozaki Design, has assisted a wide range of companies, from start-ups like RoboteX and zSpace, to established heavyweights such as Cisco, HP and Sanyo in their pursuit of design excellence.

Call to Action

Let Steven use his industrial design knowledge to assist you in successfully meeting the industrial design goals and needs of your company and the people who will be using your product.

To discuss your project and the challenges facing it with Steven, proceed on to the Contact Us page so he can assist you as soon as possible.


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