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Who We Serve

Does this sound like your company?

Most of our clients are start-up, small to medium size companies that produce a product.  These companies are mainly located in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay areas as well as other parts of the country.  They design and manufacture products to meet the needs of customers in diverse markets, including: consumer electronics, computer, communications, electronic industrial instruments, consumer goods, sports, architectural lighting, wireless devices and equipment.

Many of these companies are considered a top-tier companies in their respective markets.  These companies know their industry.  Many of them realize that to stay competitive, new products must be developed and successfully introduced into the market.  Building a strong brand identity and increasing market share is essential for their company’s success.

A few are startup or young companies with exciting new product ideas and emerging technologies.  These small companies are filled with energetic and passionate employees who believe in their companies’ product and vision.

What do these companies all have in common?  They do not have the in-house expertise to create a product brand identity based on a creative industrial design.  With an innovative industrial design, a new product can stand out in a market place filled with competing products vying for customers’ attention and money.


RoboteX Avatar II Controller and Robot SWAT / Military Version

Challenges Confronting Our Clients        

Do these scenarios sound familiar?

Your company is just starting out, brimming with talented people developing new and exciting technologies.  You want the new product to be a big success but wonder how to create the product’s appearance so it will be exciting and captivating.  Will the product industrial design inspire customer confidence in your new product and its technology enough to part ways with their hard-earned cash to purchase it?

For the last 18 months your company’s star product has been generating very strong sales and revenue but lately there are indications that the product sales have peaked.  Perspective customers say they love your product specifications but it looks outdated compared to the competition even though the competitor’s specs are not as good.  How do you recapture their confidence in your product and company to show you are still an industrial leader?

A senior executive stops you in the hallway to show you a new product announcement from the top competitor in your company’s market that is generating a lot of favorable press and reviews.  He wants to know “Will our new product generate that kind of excitement?”  You wonder how that other company continues to produce innovative products while your company doesn’t.

These are just a few of the many challenges our clients are encountering.  While each company is different and each project is unique there are common obstacle that we understand that must be addressed for these projects to be successful.  We are here to assist you by creating tailored solutions to these challenges.


RoboteX Avatar II Robot showing optional payload accessory

Ideal Clients

Successful traits

Clients mostly likely to be successful working with Shiozaki Design have some or all of the following traits.

Collaborative Work Environment.  They foster a work environment that is based on collaboration and openness, where people work together for common known goals.  You adhere to the highest standard of business honesty and integrity.  You do what you say you are going to do.

Open To Change.  We work with companies that are not hindered by, “We can’t do that” mindset.  New ideas or concepts are given the opportunity to be explored if they might provide a better solution that leads to a better product.

You Deliver Quality Products and Services For Your Customers.  Your company understands that by providing well-designed, high quality, value-added products, your customers will be more productive and satisfied.  You want to make your customers become your best spokespeople.

Commitment to Innovation.  Innovation takes time.  They plan time into the project schedule for new ideas to be explored and incubated in a timely manner.

No Hidden Agendas.  If there are hidden agendas, the project will not reach its full potential.  The goals, expectations, and information critical to the project’s success are identified and communicated to us.


RoboteX Avatar II Controller and Robot close-up

Call to Action     

The next step.

Now that you have a better idea of the type of clients we work with, the challenges facing them and the things they must do to ensure their success, click on the next link to learn more about How We Work .


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