ZEIT: A UX Case Study

Richard-Branson-sp-suit2.jpgTime Travel Tourism Company


REIT a subsidiary of Virgin, a Richard Branson enterprise, is the first company in the world to offer time travel back into the past under the International Concordance on Time Travel.

The mandate from ZEIT is twofold:

  • Create a new brand
  • Design a responsive e-commerce website to sell time travel packages that is easy to use

Initially 289 time travel resorts will be offered.

Branding message: Modern, fresh, classical and historical


Who: People who are interested in time travel.

What: Selling time travel trips.

Where: Customers must travel to ZEIT HQ in Germany to begin their time travel trip.

When: There are precise times for departure and arrival.

Why: People have been thinking about time travel for ages, now it is possible.